Event Details

Client: The Parks Trust

“We would have struggled to fully engage the community without the input of Events Managed” – Briony Fox, Head of Community Engagement at The Parks Trust.

About the event

In 2014 Events Managed were contracted by the Parks Trust to complement the Rugby World Cup Fanzone in Milton Keynes by establishing and coordinating a cultural calendar to animate the Festival of Rugby for the period October 1 to 11, 2015.
A first draft of the coherent programme was prepared by the end of 2014 but due to the scale of the events and evolving protected marketing rights changes were required for both the print programme, up to the deadline, and the online programme, right up to event delivery.
The contract involved encouraging and supporting a diverse range of community organisations and groups from across Milton Keynes to fully engage in an 11-day programme of events. Events Managed attended monthly planning and Steering Group meetings, updating their client with regular and timely progress reports.

What Our client said

Briony Fox, Head of Community Engagement at the Parks Trust, said: “One of the things that concerned me was that the changeable demands of the event, from a national level, could have made it quite difficult for Events Managed. However, they were very patient, very positive and adaptable and were able to deliver the outline programme on time and on budget.”
Events Managed used its wide range of contacts across Milton Keynes to bring on board a wide diversity of dancers, musicians, entertainers, artists and singers from across the community. In total, over 1500 local people performed during the event including an estimated 800 people performing a community haka, in the style of the New Zealand rugby team’s traditional pre-match dance.
Events Managed was contracted to organise the programme but the Parks Trust said they went “over and above their brief” to make sure the community’s involvement in the Rugby World Cup was memorable in Milton Keynes. They supported the Parks Trust’s marketing team with updates for social media, provided an event MC and aided in the provision of programme sponsorship.
Briony Fox added: “Events Managed were brilliant in the way they not only completed but added value to the brief. We would have struggled to engage the community to the same extent without Events Managed.”