When clients speak to us, be it about a conference, exhibition, festival or celebration, the first thing we ask is have they thought about venue location.

The location sets the scene for your event, do you want a professional look for concentration or a quirky feel for that party that adds to the atmosphere? This is only the first thing to consider.

Catering, parking, accessibility are major factors when thinking about the right venue, you might fall in love with a location, but catering might have to come externally adding cost and intricacy to the delivery. Ensuring all guests have a great experience is also very important, accessibility is crucial now more than ever. For instance a venue like Best Western Magnolia Park where we are holding a wedding fayre later this year, is a great venue that ticks all boxes.

The biggest bugbear of business events? Wi-fi. if you do not have the right connectivity for your event, business may not be able to take place, products not demonstrated and your customer experience is greatly reduced! Event Technology is a massive part of what we consider in every project.

Lastly the biggest factor in securing any venue is budget. We are adept at negotiating on behalf of clients either as a full event management offering or as part of our free venue sourcing offer. If you need help why not get in touch with the team to see if they can help you today?

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