Venue sourcing is a really time-consuming and troublesome process especially when you do not have any guide to venue sourcing. If you are here because you cannot decide how to find the best local venues to book then do not worry this article shall get you started.

Consulting friends, families and connections or using a venue sourcing agency tends to be the fastest and easiest way to find the best local venues to book. Early event planning, knowing the attendees’ needs, knowing the types of events to host are the main ways to decide which local venues would be the best to book according to needs and preferences.

However, finding the best local venue that does not conflict with your needs, budget, and other neds requires the consideration of many aspects of venue sourcing. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the necessary pieces of information that might help you in finding the best local venue without compromising your preferences and needs. 

What Legal Policies and Permits You Need to Be Aware Of

Whether you are an event planner or an event host you need to be aware of some permits and policies before any venue booking. Being aware of these permits and policies will give you an upper hand in finding a venue that would be the best and hassle-free fit for your event amongst all other events venues. 

We have evaluated some policies in regard to venue booking so that you can book the right venue which will not get you into trouble. According to our Events Managed Venue Sourcing specialist team, some of the policies and permits you may need to be aware of are- 

• Recording of Contact Details

• Alcohol license and food permit

• Premises license

• Minors protection policy

• Certificate of compliance permit

Recording Contacts Details Policy

Pubs, Clubs, restaurants, or any leisure and public venues in the UK are obligated to record the contact details of their clients, customers, visitors, and staff. Whether it is a smaller venue or a bigger venue make sure your venue follows this policy. This policy was brought in recently due to Coronavirus and we’re not sure if it will be extended, however it’s important to keep an eye on whether this is a requirement and if so, whether your venue will organize this for you or not.

Liquor License and Food Permit 

If at your event venue alcohol will be served then make sure the venue holds a liquor license to do so. Especially in Northern Ireland venues require liquor licenses from local courts to serve alcohol. We suggest you book a venue with a liquor license if you want to serve alcohol to your guests legally. 

We would like to inform you that, in the UK venues that are located in a garage, service area or a petrol station cannot get a liquor license as per law. So, you should avoid booking such venues.

Almost all venues require a food facility permit to serve food at events. Make sure a venue has everything in order to pass the inspection test to get a food facility permit. To mitigate the chance of facing any health hazards from the food, you should choose a right venue with a food permit. 

Premises License

If you want to run your event till midnight without any issue then book a venue that has a premises license. As per the UK Licensing act 2003, events venues with premises license are your right choice to run your event until late at night.

If you do not want any law enforcement to show up at your event venue for running your event until late at night then find and book a venue with a premises license.

Minors Protection Policy 

Almost all venues are obligated to ensure safety, especially for minors. But sometimes venues devise contracts that hold the hosts responsible for minor’s safety. Make sure you book a venue that follows a minors’ protection policy to ensure the safety of your minor guests.

Venues that follow minors’ protection policy are more responsible to create designated areas to keep minors away from harm and underage drinking. If it is not feasible for you to protect the minors amongst all guests then we suggest you to better choose a venue that strictly follows this policy. 

Certificate of Compliance Permit

There is always the possibility of any emergency occurring at any event. Therefore, you should always choose the right venue that has a certificate of compliance permit to make sure the Fire Marshal or Fire Department can arrive easily at the venue to help.

Without this permit, it gets difficult to control any hazard caused by actions taken and open flame devices used at your special event. 

How to Find the Best Local Venues to Book?

Among the 1000s of venues in the UK finding the best local venue for your event can get quite troublesome if you do not take the different venue sourcing aspects into consideration. Taking those aspects into consideration is the best way to find the best local venues according to your needs.  Below here are some of the aspects you need to consider-

Type of the Event 

To find the right venue for your event you need to first understand the type of your event. Different types of events require different types of venues. 

If you want to host an indoor wedding event then the venues like Inglewood Manor or First Direct Arena should be your preference. For open-air private events, venues like Nunsmere Hall or Walled Garden would make the right venue for your event. 

Corporate events mostly require the use of technology. So choose a venue that has access to all sorts of modern equipment and technology needed to host an inconvenience-free conference. 

Location and Size

The location and size of a venue matter when it comes to finding a venue that might be best to host your event. If you take the location and size of a venue into consideration you would be able to find a venue that works best for your guests.

You should choose a location that is easier to access for your guests. The location should have access to parking arrangements and accommodation options as well.

We would suggest you not to choose any venue that is located near the service area if you want to serve your guest alcohol at your events. Also, the location of the venue should not be too far from transport systems.

Keep the size of the venue in mind before venue sourcing.The venue should be spacious enough to accommodate your guests. And it should not hinder the movements of the guests. 

Early Planning and Budget

Sometimes you can miss booking up the best venue according to your needs if you do not start articulating your plans early. Early planning will keep you ahead in terms of booking the best venue. 

Some venues get booked up even a year prior to an event. Also, during peak seasons you might not get to book the venue that fits best into your needs. To avoid such scenarios always start planning for your event and venue sourcing as early as possible.

Booking a venue is always so expensive. You should estimate your budget according to your event needs and negotiate the prices so that you do not miss out on any best venue because of budget issues.

Know Your Attendees

A venue that is best for others might not be the best for your attendees. Therefore, knowing the age ranges, cultural, religious, and gender needs will help you in finding the venue that would be best to meet your attendees’ needs. 

Taking age ranges and needs into consideration helps you in finding a venue that is able to meet diverse needs and protect minors’ safety of your attendees.

Venue Finding Service

If you do not have much time in your hand then you should consider our Events Managed- Free Venue Sourcing service. We’re always only a call away to help you find the best local venues.

Why Use Events Managed Free Venue Sourcing Service?

There are plenty of venue sourcing services available online so it is valid for you to ask why to use and trust Events Managed Free Venue Sourcing service. Well, we do not charge you any fee or commission, unlike other venue sourcing services.

Our connectivity to the UK venues, and expertise in the field would help you to find the right venue according to your needs. So, feel free to reach out to our Events Managed Free Venue Sourcing service to find the best local venue for your event without any fee or hassle.


Venue sourcing is not an easy task to do. There is no definite best local venue because what is best for others might not be best according to your needs. You can really get into trouble if you book a venue without taking into consideration the various aspects and considerations of venue sourcing.

So, we highly encourage you to try out our free venue sourcing service.

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