Generally, conferences are long and tiring. Despite the concept of your conference being captivating and thought-provoking, people will get bored eventually. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. This article will provide you with ideas to be the game-changer in this regard and make your conferences more engaging and entertaining.

You have to hire a good host for conference entertainment. You can also enlist different types of performers, organize a magic show, arrange photo-booths, etc. to establish a fun conference.

There are also tons of other ideas for making your conference amusing for the attendees. So, if you are eager to know about the different entertainment ideas for making conferences exciting and entertaining, follow through the whole article.

Ideas to Make Conferences Entertaining

Conferences create a huge opportunity for networking and learning. But all your efforts will go in vain if you fail to keep your attendees engaged. Hence, there is no alternative to arrange entertainment activities at your conference to create a delightful environment for all. 

By ensuring meeting entertainment, you can come out of the traditional way of dull and boring meetings and make it enjoyable for everyone present. Your attendees always expect the best from you. So, you must make a fascinating and entertaining environment for the attendees to give them the best experience.

The entertainment factors you decide to add to your conference can make or break the experience of your guests.  So, think about planning the best entertainment activities for them. Some exciting entertainment ideas for conferences are given below-   

1. Hire a good host

Hosts serve a crucial part for any event to run smoothly. Whether it is an award ceremony, or a business event, or even a conference there is no alternative to a good host. To be honest, good hosts can bring life to any event.

A good host can create a good first impression for the guests of your conference program. Hiring the correct host for your conference program will fulfill a vast proportion of the goal to entertain your attendees. 

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while hiring a host for a conference:

  • Hire a host who is presentable and has a positive attitude.
  • Consider hiring someone with expertise on various topics.
  • Hire a professional host who has previous experience in hosting conferences.
  • Your host must be friendly and confident.
  • Consider hiring someone with a good sense of humor.

2. Bring top-notch comedians

The best way to make your guests feel relaxed and unwinder is to make them laugh. Comedians are the first choice when it comes to business entertainment. To give a sense of relief to the attendees of your conference consider hiring a top-notch comedian.

Hire comedians for your conference considering several things:

  • Consider hiring a clean comedian.
  • Hire someone with previous experience of performing in the corporate sector.
  • For extra attraction try to hire a celebrity comedian.
  • Appoint a professional comedian at a reasonable price.

A dull and boring conference program can turn into a fun conference just with the presence of a good comedian. With their charming personality and not to mention a high sense of humor, they can make any conference exciting and entertaining. So, hiring top-notch comedians is a must. 

3. Enlist a magician

Magicians can add a bit of magic to monotonous conferences. Magic and illusions will create a delightful and exciting environment among the attendees. A good magician will show amazing magic that will make attendees talk about it for weeks.

Hiring a good quality magician for entertainment is a safe and wise choice for any conference. There are various reasons for hiring magicians for your conference entertainment-

  • Appropriate for all ages.
  • Add an exciting element to your event.
  • Makes the program more engaging.
  • Gives attendees unforgettable memories.

But you have to be considerate while hiring magicians. You should only choose the experienced and top in the list of magicians to ensure the fun element you want to add to your conference. 

4. Arrange games among attendees

Games can be a good and fun way to welcome all the attendees and warm up the conversation among everyone present. It will create a friendly environment in the conference room. 

Games like ‘would you   rather’ where attendees will have to choose between two options can be an engaging game. Also ‘ the communication game’ where attendees will have to whisper to the next person to see how much the original text changes at the end can also be a good entertaining option.

Not all types of games can be played in a conference. Certain criteria need to be met which includes-

  • Everyone must be able to be a part of the game. No one should feel left out.
  • There should not be competition in the games.
  • Games should not have winners or losers.
  • No one should be made fun of during the games.
  • Games must contain appropriate content.

Playing different games will boost the mood of attendees and they will be more invested and engaged in the conference. Therefore, try to arrange different games to add a fun element to the conferences.

5. Organize live band karaoke

Organizing live band karaoke can boost every attendees’ enthusiasm and amusement. Every attendee can vibe to a live band and sing along with them which will increase their morale.

Arranging a live band karaoke will allow your attendees to feel like a Rockstar and have some actual fun. You must ensure your attendees want to participate before organizing a live band karaoke. Everyone should be allowed to participate if they want to.

Keep in mind some requirements for the live band karaoke-

  • They should know all the songs attendees want to sing.
  • They should be friendly and professional.
  • Has the potential to engage a crowd.

6. Set up cool photo booths

Taking photos has become one of the essential parts of our life nowadays. We love taking photos everywhere we go or things we do and post them on social media. That’s why setting up a photo booth at the conference is a good choice.

A photo booth provides opportunities for networking among the attendees. They get to know each other and take photos together which helps to make a friendly environment. 

It is also great for marketing as the attendees will post pictures on social media and it will help promote the conference topic. On top of that, photo booths aren’t expensive given the benefits it provides.  

Before setting up a photo booth you need to take care of certain things.

  • The photo booth theme must match the environment of the conference.
  • Everyone should get a chance to take pictures.
  • The photo booth should be capable of group photos.

These are some of the ideas for making your conferences entertaining. Now, anyone can come up with a great idea for spicing up a conference but actually arranging it is a whole different story. How would you know whom to call to hire the best comedian or magician in town? Well, that is where we at Event Managed come to your aid. 

We specialize in all sorts of event management services including arranging conference entertainment programs. So, if you are planning to arrange a conference that your guests will never forget, you can leave it all to us. Just give us a call. 


Conference entertainment is a mandatory element for making your conferences delightful. In this article, you have learned some ideas to make your conferences entertaining for your attendees. Thus, try to implement these ideas and consider our services for ensuring the highest quality of entertainers for your successful conference.

Best wishes and thanks for reading.  

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