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Giving Events a voice on Social Media

Social media and events are a match made in heaven – they work extremely well together when done properly! We work alongside event organisers, venues, owners and exhibitors to maximise the potential from social media at the event they are holding or attending.

Involvement from the start

We like to get on board with you as early as possible, this way we can build our relationship as well as the foundations for a great social media management campaign. This is key because social media at events starts well before the doors open – if your want the attendee’s to get on board then they need to know what they are walking into.

Part of your team

We are a very hands-on company, we don’t like to sit at a desk away from the event, we want to be there with you, understanding what is going on. This gives us this ability to produce content live, every minute, encourage people to get involved and engage with the key influencers. Another step to giving your event a voice!

Why use Social Media for your events?

Twitter Walls

Engage your audience live

Boosting Engagement

Increase pre and post event discussion

Measure Impact

Let us show return on investment

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