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Free Venue Sourcing

Finding the right venue for your event is not always easy. Our experienced team can help to source the perfect venue completely free of charge. Regardless of whether you are holding a meeting, conference or something a bit different! We collect our fees from the venue so you can rest assured that regardless of your requirements, we’ll be able to find a venue for you for free.

Our knowledge of UK venues is vast, taking into account location, amenities and practicality to ensure the best service, best venue and helping you focus on delivering that perfect activity. We’re based in Milton Keynes but we work with a range of venues around the country of all sizes and shapes! Our network of hotels and event venues across the country come highly regarded and recommended by our partners and clients.

We’ve taken the time to inspect each venue and document their size, amenities and availability to ensure the smoothest possible booking process for you.

Need something else organising as well? We can help with our portfolio of entertainers, hosts and event infrastructure tools to make sure your event has absolutely everything it needs. We’re your one-stop event shop and we can help to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

So let us save you time, money and hassle by contacting us today with your requirements. We’re happy to help no matter the enquiry! Whether it’s a standard event or something a little more unique, we’ve got the venue to match!

Features of Venue Sourcing


Source, negotiate and pay no more than you would direct.


We know the top venues and hidden gems.


We only work with the best venues.

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